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(Research papers based on Indications)

Chronic constipation

  1. Experiences in the treatment of constipation in pregnancy with a herbal drug – Herbolax (A study of two hundred cases)
    Sabuj Sengupta, Trivedi, U. and Pobi, J.N., M.A.M.C. Hospital, Durgapur, Rajasthan, Probe (1979): (XVIII), 2, 93.

Pre-radiographic abdominal preparation

  1. Trial with Gasex and Herbolax for abdominal preparation before radiological examination
    Inder Singh and Ranbir Singh, Department of Radiology, Government Medical College and S.M.G.S. Hospital, Jammu, Jammu And Kashmir, Indian Medical Journal (1986): (80), 6, 87.


  1. A clinical trial of Herbolax in constipation during post-operative period
    Krishna Reddy, Department of Orthopaedics, Kempe Gowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka, The Antiseptic (2001): (98), 7, 252.