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Total no. of papers:18 - Clinical Papers:18, Experimental Papers:0
(Research papers based on Indications)


  1. Clinical Evaluation of PIL-28, a herbal formulation in the management of hemorrhoids
    Vastrad, C.S., B.S.A.M., Assistant Professor Pakkanavar, R.V., B.S.A.M., B.A.M.S., Assistant Professor, Department of Shalyatantra, K.L.E.'s Shri B.M.K. Ayurveda Medical College, Shahapur, Belagum, Karnataka, India, The Antiseptic (2002): (99), 9, 343-344.

  2. Clinical study of Pilex combination therapy vs conventional ayurvedic therapy in the management of haemorrhoids
    Sahu, M.,Reader and Head,and Srivastava Pankaj, Resident, Department of Shalya Shalakya, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Indi,Corresponding author: Dr. Kala Suhas Kulkarni, M.D., Medical Advisor, R&D Center, The Himalaya Drug Company, Makali, Bengaluru, India, The Indian Practitioner (2001): (54), 11, 799-805.

  3. Comparative evaluation of Pilex with Daflon in haemorrhoids
    Alok Tripathy, Heritage Hospitals, Lanka, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, The Antiseptic (2000): (97), 9, 317.

  4. Indigenous drug therapy for haemorrhoids
    Vijayasarathy, V., Sharma, L.K. and Prakash, A.T.M., Department of Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, The Medicine and Surgery (1981): (XXI), 1-2, 22.

  5. Haemorrhoids and conservative treatment with Pilex
    Vinod Kumar Gupta, Medical College, Rohtak, Haryana, Haryana Medical Journal (1981): (2), 3, 103.

  6. Clinical trial of Pilex tablets and ointment in the treatment of haemorrhoids
    Gupta, S.K., Ghosh, S.N. and Biswas, M.M., Department of Surgery, N.R.S. Medical College Hospital, Calcutta, West Bengal, Indian Medical Journal (1980): (74), 8, 109.

  7. Pilex (tablets and ointment): A clinical trial in patients with internal haemorrhoids
    Marya, S.K.S. and Gulati, S.K., Medical College and Hospital, Rohtak, Haryana, The Antiseptic (1978): (75), 1, 21.

  8. Pilex therapy in the treatment of haemorrhoids
    Mohammed Shafi Misger, Mushtaq Ahmad Mir, Nazir Ahmad Wani, Zorawar Singh and Rashid, P.A., Department of Surgery, Government Medical College, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Medical Gazette (1977): (XVI), 9, 353.

  9. Treatment of piles by Pilex tablets and ointment
    Bisarya, R.K., Sachdev, N.K. and Karim, S.I., Kasturba Hospital, BHEL, Bhopal, Indian Medical Gazette (1976): 4, 147.

  10. Pilex therapy in piles – A preliminary report
    Mukherjee, D.R. and Poddar, H., Department of Surgery, N.R.S. Medical College, Calcutta, West Bengal, The Antiseptic (1976): 10, 541.

  11. Pregnancy haemorrhoids – A clinical study of treatment with an indigenous drug – Pilex
    Sabuj Sengupta, N.F. Railway Hospital, Dibrugarh, Assam, Probe (1976): (XVI), 1, 34.

  12. Clinical trial of Pilex combination therapy in the treatment of haemorrhoids
    Vasco D’Silva and Champakam, N.S., Goa Medical College, Panaji, Goa, The Indian Practitioner (1976): (XXIX), 8, 527.

  13. Treatment of piles with indigenous drugs – Pilex tablets and ointment along with Styplon
    Rangnekar, G.V. and Arora, O.P., Department of Surgery, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Indian Medical Journal (1974): (68), 10, 240.

  14. Therapy of piles with Pilex tablets and ointment
    Gheewala, M.N., Punekar, S.V. (Miss.) and Mahendrakar, M.N., L.T.M.G. Hospital, Sion, Bombay, Maharashtra, The Antiseptic (1971): (68), 5, 343.

  15. Piles and their treatment with indigenous drug
    Jha, M.R., King George Medical College, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Current Medical Practice (1970): 4, 174.

  16. Indigenous therapy for piles
    Varandani, The Indian Practitioner (1969): (XXII), 9, 545.


  1. Trial of Pilex tablets in 105 cases of chronic abdomen
    Saronwala, K.C., Sotantar Rai, Shanti Arora and Mohan Lal Gupta, Government Medical College, Patiala, Punjab, Probe (1985): (XXIV), 3, 174.